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Business Banking

Your business means a lot to you. Let us help it succeed. Our business banking services go beyond just a checking and savings account – we have bankers experienced with risk management, retirement plans, acquisitions, loans and more.
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Business Checking

Business Partner Checking is designed for companies with larger check volumes and account balances.

Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

We offer a variety of credit card options. Choose the one that works best for your business.

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Merchant Services

Hassle-free payment processing that gets you back to business. Smart solutions that meet all of your needs without any unnecessary complications.

Credit Cards

Cash Management Services

At American Federal, we offer a wide variety of cash management services for your business, and you’re able to pick and choose the services that are right for you.

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Loans, Leasing & Lines of Credit

Don't miss an opportunity because of lack of funding. Allow us to be part of your business success with business loans, lines of credit and leasing.

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Online Banking

Accessing and managing your commercial accounts online helps to streamline operations. American Federal offers tools to help you conveniently and securely manage your business.

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Small Business Checking

Small Business Checking provides services for businesses or organizations in need of limited checking and deposit services.

woman standing in front of her small business

Business Partner Checking

Business Partner Checking is designed for companies with larger check volumes and account balances.

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American Advantage Checking

This bundle of product benefits is reserved for employees of American Federal business clients.

Our Expertise

Business success requires capital, and your American Federal Banker can help you identify funding options.

A term loan can help you refinance an existing real estate loan or debt, replenish or increase your working capital, maximize profitability and strengthen your competitive position. Short-term loans can help you run your business whether it is for the purchase of equipment, technology, inventory or supplies. Advances and payment schedules are tailored to fit your specific operation.

A line of credit can be a cost-effective way to borrow, take advantage of business opportunities and vendor discounts or meet unexpected cash needs or seasonal changes in inventory and receivables.

Contact an American Federal Banker for an appointment to learn more about our Business Banking Solutions that can benefit your business operation.

Looking to take your business to the next level through expansion or acquisition? Successful growth depends on more than just the numbers.

You’ll want to tap into the knowledge, experience and expertise of an American Federal Business Banker.

If you’re remodeling, purchasing commercial real estate or buying another business, a loan can provide a source of financing. A range of financing options are available. Payments are managed by matching flexible terms to debt repayment capacity. Contact us today for details.

Your American Federal Banker can find financing and leasing options to suit your specific equipment needs.

If your goal is to improve productivity, enhance a process or expand production capacity, we structure and arrange custom financing solutions, including term loans and leases, for capital equipment, industrial and manufacturing machinery and medical equipment. We will help you find the best solution to update technology systems, upgrade a fleet or purchase or lease specialty equipment for your business.

See an American Federal Banker today for details.

American Federal works with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to make a variety of business financing solutions available to small business clients in any industry for specific purposes.

An SBA loan may be a solution for you if you are a new business or if your business is growing quickly.

The SBA has created a number of government-guaranteed and direct loans designed to help give small businesses that may not otherwise qualify for credit the funds they need. SBA loans make it possible to provide qualified businesses with flexible terms and competitive rates letting them preserve their working capital for other expenses.

SBA loans can be used to construct new or purchase existing commercial owner-occupied real estate, to expand or modernize facilities, purchase equipment, finance business acquisitions, and finance inventory and accounts receivables.

For the owner of a business, a goal of succession planning often is preserving the wealth of the business while passing on a legacy.

An owner wants the business to survive and to maximize its value.

A concern that can face a business owner is how to orderly and affordably transfer the business to the next generation or a key employee. Failure to plan for business continuation can result in monetary loss and even loss of the business itself. For example, estate taxes alone can gobble up a significant percentage of a taxable estate, forcing a business to liquidate or incur debt to insure its continuation.

With planning, adequate time and guidance from one of our experienced bankers, business succession can be accomplished without negative financial consequences, whether an owner is planning for retirement or looking for a smaller role in the business for more time for new endeavors.

It is our goal to offer you assurance that your business succession plan achieves your goals. If seeing your business continue in the future, without compromising your own retirement needs, is important to you, contact your local American Federal Banker today.

We can help you identify your long-term goals and help you think through the options for a workable retirement.

Some business owners anticipate selling their business before they retire and living off the proceeds for retirement income. Unfortunately, this strategy is not always fulfilled or may not provide sufficient retirement income to supplement Social Security benefits or other savings or assets that can be converted for retirement needs.

Proper retirement planning can help insure you’ll be ready to retire when the time is right and with a lifestyle you want. How much will you need to retire and which retirement plan is best for your situation are just two of the many retirement questions we can help you with based on your goals and your time frame.

It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. Business owners are uniquely placed to take advantage of some retirement-plan options.

Risks associated with increasing costs, availability of labor, global competition, regulations and the unforeseen can impact profits.

Risk management focuses on risks to business ownership, operations, systems and processes. Identifying, prioritizing and addressing risks can help your business minimize the unforeseen and keep your business on course. We can help you understand the risks specific to your business, generate ideas, exchange information, offer best practices and make recommendations to prevent or minimize the impact on your business.

Risk management advice from your local American Federal Banker can help you anticipate problems and challenges and organize the allocation of resources and capital.