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Careers at American Federal Bank​

At American Federal, we are ALWAYS hiring for top-tier Ag/Business Bankers.
If that's you, we hire anytime, anywhere... Contact us today to learn more.

Join A Professional Partnership

Combine your talent with opportunities at American Federal Bank.

As a leader in financial services for agriculture and business, American Federal has a long history of stability and profitable growth. Our Ag, Business and Personal Bankers, Associates and Home Office employees make such success possible.

Unique to a career at American Federal is the ownership opportunity employees have. As owners of American Federal and members of a professional partnership, employees have a shared purpose, common values and an orientation to the success of the bank.

American Federal employees place great value on working for a financial services organization that is closely held and employee owned.

We recognize and reward top performers. We invest in employees to develop additional skills and knowledge as they advance in their careers.

We work to build long-term personal relationships with our clients to plan for their financial future. At American Federal, you can take that same approach to building your career.

Join The American Federal Bank Team

If you are interested in joining an employee-owned, financially-strong community bank where Bankers make decisions locally and are recognized for their excellence, consider a career opportunity at American Federal.

We are interested in visiting with candidates for Sales Office positions of Market President, Ag, Business and Personal Bankers, and for Associates, who provide valuable service and support to our clients. We attribute our successful growth to our employment strategy of hiring the best bankers in the market. 

Don’t wait for a posting at American Federal — we hire anytime, anywhere we find top talent.

Whether you want to learn more about our employment opportunities, or about positions in a specific area of expertise or in a particular community, please contact us.

American Federal’s Human Resources Department

215 5th St N, Fargo, ND 58102


[email protected]

Visit our Application Portal to

view open positions and apply today!

Why Choose Us?

American Federal is a long-established, successful business. Our roots run deep in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and the Lakes Region of northwestern Minnesota.

Founded in 1891 in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, we are the oldest-continuing business in East Grand Forks and are long-established in the other communities we serve. Today, our one-stop banking locations extend from northwestern Minnesota to southern North Dakota, up and down the Red River Valley and into the Lakes area.

Our performance is rated superior by national financial services rating organizations. We have a long history of stability, steady growth and strong return. Our success has come through solid business practices, acquisitions and most recently strategic, targeted growth through attracting and retaining the best bankers.

Our size and strength means we are large and sophisticated enough to meet all the financing needs of agriculture and business, offering a full range of competitive products, providing up-to-date tools and technologies and attracting top employees to our banking locations and home office.

Our clients value the long-established relationships they have with their American Federal Bankers, who, as employee-owners of American Federal, make certain they do what is in the best interest of their clients in the long-term.

American Federal Bankers are top performers with the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide clients with quality advice and help them grow. Our bankers invest the time to help their clients think and develop strategies. They ask questions to help clients clarify their goals and make key decisions. They make recommendations and offer alternative approaches based on an understanding of their client and their business operation.

Our bankers are from our region. They work and live in their communities. They understand farming and business operations in their markets and are well respected and active in their communities.

We look for these bankers because they are our brand and they deliver advisory-level sales and service.

Seventy percent of American Federal is owned by employees and directors. Our ownership structure enables us to adopt decentralized authority and decision-making allowing our bankers to make decisions locally to allow credit and other decisions to be made close to the customer.

We are client focused in everything we do. From our responsiveness to how we deliver our advice, our purpose is to make a clear difference for our clients. We believe the best answer is not always the easiest and it requires us to have the confidence in our recommendations to advise our clients about real outcomes and opportunities. We do not push products that clients do not need to achieve a penetration ratio, we do not compete solely on price and we do not treat clients like a number. We make a difference one client at a time.

American Federal Bankers provide a perspective, anticipate industry and economic trends and help their clients interpret current business conditions and understand how they can affect them. Our bankers help evaluate and discuss financial performance and key decisions with their clients and ask questions and share information to help them develop strategies to achieve their goals.

Our bankers connect their clients to others with expertise inside the bank and to outside professionals who can provide additional points of view. We help our clients navigate through resources and suggest other issues to consider.

American Federal Ag, Business and Personal Bankers work hard to understand their clients, their business and their goals and to provide the best solutions to achieve these goals.

Contact an American Federal Banker today.