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Ag Loans, Leasing and Lines of Credit

farmer running his fingers over wheat in the field
At American Federal Bank, we believe in working with the community to help build and improve local agriculture through our banking products and services. Lending decisions are made locally by American Federal Bankers who understand the market, not by distant loan committees.

Ag Lines of Credit are annually renewable with competitive fixed or variable interest rates. They can be unsecured or secured by machinery, crops, equipment and/or ag real estate.

Ag Machinery, Equipment and Livestock Loans have fixed or variable interest rates and payment schedules of up to seven years. We typically will loan up to 75 percent of the fair market value of the collateral.

Ag Real Estate Loans are long-term financing which provides funds to purchase land, refinance debt, plan for improvements and construction. Terms may extend up to 25 years and fixed as well as variable interest rates are available. Repayment plans are flexible.

Agribusiness Leasing provides our customers with an alternative method of acquiring vehicles, fixtures and other major equipment for farms, companies, and organizations. Lease terms typically run from three to five years and the customer has the option of purchasing the equipment at the end of the lease. The entire lease payment may be tax deductible. (Consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of payments for your situation.)