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Ag Partner Checking

farmers in the field using a tablet to check their account
Are you looking for a bank that specializes in Ag related financial services? You’ve come to the right place. Ag Partner Checking is designed for customers with larger check volumes and account balances.

Take Advantage of These Benefits:

1  Earnings Credit – An earnings credit may offset the business account’s service charges and offers Account Analysis for the customer. The earnings credit is calculated by determining the account’s average investable balance (the average collected balance minus the Federal Reserve requirement), multiplying the average investable balance by the Earnings Credit Rate (currently based on the 90-Day Treasury Bill), multiplying this number by the number of days in the statement cycle, and then dividing this number by 365 (for the number of days in a year).

2 Local Check and Non-Local Check Definitions – A “local” check is a check drawn on the 9th Federal Reserve district, including American Federal checks; a “non-local” check is any check drawn outside the 9th Federal district.  The first four-digits of the routing number identify the Federal Reserve district; for local checks the leading digits include 0910-0915, 0918-0919, 0960, 2910-2915, 2918-2919, and 2960.