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Personal Banking

Your busy life is complex. Your banking doesn’t have to be. At American Federal, we provide safe FDIC-insured deposit solutions to make your financial life easier and more convenient. Make your choice from our suite of products. It’s that simple.
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Manage your everyday money needs with an American Federal checking account.

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Build your savings safely and conveniently with one of our personal savings account options.

couple applying for CDs


CDs have a fixed interest rate guaranteed to maturity with term choices to fit your savings goals.

young woman holding keys to a new financed car

Personal Loans

Flexible financing for a wide variety of purposes.

Couple in front of new home

Mortgage Loans

Buying a home is among the single biggest decisions people make in life.

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Online Banking

American Federal Online & Mobile Banking is simple, convenient and secure.

Online/Mobile Banking

American Federal Online & Mobile Banking is simple, convenient and secure.

Our Expertise

Whether you are looking to enhance your own career or helping your children or grandchildren head toward a bright future, education is one way to achieve it.

Maybe you have children or grandchildren and have already started thinking about how to help them achieve their life goals by attending college, a trade school or completing an advanced or professional degree. Or, you may want to pursue an advanced degree yourself, complete your education, or seek specialized training or a professional credential or certification to enhance your career and earning potential.

We can help you determine how much it will cost and the best solution to finance you or your children’s education, understand the different types of education savings options, and evaluate or adjust your current college savings plan.

Whether planning for your own educational goals or sending your children off to a brighter future, your American Federal Banker will help you identify ways to finance educational opportunities.

Financial independence, travel, time for hobbies or a new adventure. Whatever your goals for retirement, planning now will help you make those goals a reality.

We can help guide you through the planning maze to identify and implement solutions to meet your retirement goals.

We are here to help you understand the different types of retirement savings options. We can help you determine how much income you’ll need in retirement, identify what assets are available to deliver your desired income.

If you have an existing plan, we can evaluate it and help you consider where you can make adjustments to it and adapt it to your changing needs.

We can help you develop the road map to reach your retirement destination. Your American Federal Banker will help you get there.

You work hard to achieve your goals. Some milestones in life are planned, while others are less predictable.

We will work with you to develop a coordinated plan to help provide ways to protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Protection and security options can include:

  • Savings and other FDIC-insured deposits
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance
  • Succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements for business owners
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Health care directives, power of attorney, wills and other legal documents

Your American Federal Banker can help you protect your assets whether it’s your family, your livelihood, your property, your business or your farm.

Whether your dream is to own a vacation home, travel the country in an RV, fly your own plane or own a classic car or luxury boat, everyone’s dream is different.

Perhaps your major purchase goal is farm equipment or land purchase to expand your operation.

We are here to listen to your goals. When considering a major purchase, many dreams are within reach with some planning and financial advice. Your American Federal Banker can help develop a plan to fit your major purchase into a comprehensive financial strategy. Contact us to help finance your goals and make dreams a reality.