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Avoiding Spring Break Travel Scams

As spring approaches, many are eagerly anticipating the much-needed break that comes with it. For college students and families alike, spring break offers a chance to unwind and explore new
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How Do Interest Rates Work When Building a Home?

Building a home is a big commitment, and interest costs can play a major factor in deciding if and how much to build. We’re often asked about how exactly interest
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American Federal Employees Earn ‘Sales Star’ Recognition

Eighteen American Federal Bankers and employees have earned ‘Sales Star’ recognition from American Federal Bank for outstanding sales and sales referral performance in 2023. A “Sales Star” is the highest
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Triangulation Fraud: Protect Yourself this Holiday Season

Fraudsters are constantly finding innovative ways to exploit vulnerabilities and steal your money. One fairly new method gaining prominence is triangulation fraud, a deceptive practice that puts both consumers and
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Your Bank is Calling… Or Are They?

In 2022, scammers stole over $8.8 billion from regular people. Don’t become their next victim. Phishing via calls and texts are more prevalent than ever. Watch for these four red
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