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Thank a Farmer Today

Agriculture plays an essential role in our everyday lives. Even amid the Coronavirus pandemic, our farmers continue to contribute to the stability of our local communities, state and country.

It’s that time of year, when farmers are bringing in the harvest, getting crops off the fields and lifting beets.

We recognize and thank our farmers for the tremendous job they do to produce the safest, most wholesome and affordable food supply in the world.

We salute our local farm producers and ranchers, their families and hired workers, neighbors, American Federal employees and volunteers who are helping get the job done with persistence and resolve during a unique time.

The next time you meet or pass a farmer on the road, give them a thumbs up to recognize their hard work and true grit.

Our Roots Are Deep in Agriculture

No doubt about it, farmers are the backbone of our region. We enjoy an abundant food supply and a stronger economy thanks to their dedication.

American Federal was founded in the Red River Valley in 1891. For decades, our Bankers and Associates have been working side-by-side with farmers and small businesses, providing the best solutions to help them reach their goals.

For example, during the Paycheck Protection Program, American Federal submitted applications for 665 small businesses and farms, totaling more than $45 million in loan assistance, and received funding from the Small Business Association for 100 percent of the applicants.

Caution on Rural Roads

Help keep our farmers and friends safe during harvest. Slow down, look twice and concentrate when you approach or pass a farm vehicle on the road. Roads can get slippery with mud and harvest debris. A little extra caution pays off for everyone at harvest.


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