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Replace your Debit Card on the Spot

Microchip Debit Card 16Replace your debit card–the American Federal Cash Card Check Card–on the spot.

It’s inconvenient to be without debit-card access to your checking account funds, even for a few days. At American Federal, we offer “instant debit card replacement” at no cost to our retail customers. You leave the bank with a permanent card in hand.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, get a new card immediately at any American Federal banking location.

If you open a checking account, get a debit card upon approval before you leave the bank.

An instant issue Cash Card Check Card is ready to use within a few hours. No waiting for days for a card to arrive in the mail.

To activate your instant issue debit card and set a PIN (Personal Identification Number), you simply call the phone number printed on the sticker on your card. And remember to sign the back of the card right away so merchants can verify card ownership by checking your signature against your identification.

Convenient and Secure

An instant issue debit card comes with the same convenience benefits and security features as a permanent card.

  • Use your instant issue debit card to make everyday purchases worldwide at participating retailers and service providers, including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations – even for online or phone purchases.
  • You also can use your card to make recurring bill payments. Simply contact your service provider and ask to pay with your American Federal Cash Card Check Card.
  • Your instant issue debit card comes with a new card number, an extended expiration date of three years and a new security code.
  • Personalize your card with your name and an account nickname to easily identify your checking account.
  • The American Federal Cash Card Check Card is now available with a microchip on the front of the card, as well as the traditional magnetic stripe on the back. The microchip provides added security because it is extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy when used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM, and does not store any personal information.
  • Your instant issue debit card comes with a daily limit on the dollar amount of purchases you can make with the card. You also have a daily cash withdrawal limit at an ATM. Your daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits are automatically set at pre-determined limits; however, you can ask to have your limits changed. The amount of your purchases and transactions will always come out of the primary checking account you link to your card.

Visit any American Federal banking location and receive a new fully-functioning debit card on the spot – no waiting, no fee.

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