Home Ownership

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Buying a home is among the single biggest decisions people make in life. At each stage, an American Federal Banker can assist you through the process, helping you determine the financial solution that best fits your goals. Home Ownership needs change throughout life. Choose which stage you’re at to find out more.

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Achieve Your Personal Goals

Your First Home

As a first-time homebuyer, it can be a challenge to make sense of financing options and the alphabet soup of PITI, FHA, VA, escrow and many other terms.

Buy or Build a Home

Whether it is your first home or your third, we can help you find the best solution, and make it easy, too!

Refinance My Home

Take advantage of some of the lowest rates in many generations.

Purchase a Lake Place

Thinking about a permanent vacation spot within driving distance?

Make Home Improvements

Need to make some improvements on your home?

Downsize My Home

Have you been left with an empty nest? Getting ready for retirement?

Local Servicing

We offer local servicing on several loan programs.

Products & Services

We have many products and services to add convenience to your goals.

Personal Banking

Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, CDs

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