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Employee Owned

Moorhead bankers smiling

American Federal is a privately-held, employee-owned stock company. Our size, structure and way of thinking give employees personal opportunity to directly influence decisions and the strategic direction of the organization.

Professional Partnership and Personal Ownership

Two-thirds of American Federal stock is owned by employees with no one employee controlling a majority share.

Eligible employees participate in ownership of the professional partnership through the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).  To preserve employee ownership, employees who leave American Federal must divest of their stock in the ESOP.

Officer employees earn additional ownership through incentive compensation programs.  Officers earn one-half of their annual bonuses in restricted stock.  Superior performers can earn significant ownership.

Appreciation in the value of American Federal stock since its initial offering in 1991 has enabled employees to build personal net worth.

As an S-Corporation, American Federal is taxed as a partnership with Officer employees receiving stock dividends which cover the tax liability on K-1 earnings.

Influence Decisions

Employee ownership of the bank adds an element of influence.  Employees have an opportunity to directly impact company strategy and decisions. Employees participate in strategic sessions as part of planning and are involved in decision-making throughout the organization.

Employees participate in bank-wide quarterly and annual meetings in addition to their regular sales planning and staff operations meetings.

Our premier Sales Star Retreat recognizes and celebrates American Federal’s top sales and referral employees and their families.