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Send Money to Family and Friends Quickly

With American Federal Send Money, you can transfer money fast to almost anyone with a U.S. bank account. All you need is your recipient’s email address or mobile phone number to text.  It’s that simple!

Send Money allows you to send funds conveniently using your American Federal debit card-account to other accountholders at American Federal or other financial institutions. You can even send money to a business.

Sometimes referred to as person-to-person payments, Send Money is a digital cash alternative that makes sending and receiving money as easy as emailing and texting. And, your payments are made quickly.  No need to carry cash in your wallet or wait for checks to clear an account.

Whether it’s sending a birthday gift of money, paying for snow removal service, or splitting a check at a restaurant, Send Money is a convenient alternative to cash and checks. No enrollment is required.  Simply log into American Federal Online Banking or Mobile Application and start sending money anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Terms and Conditions apply.


You initiate a payment by email or mobile phone. Your recipient receives funds fast.1, 2


No registration or set up required. This convenient service is ready to use in online, mobile or tablet.


Every transaction requires your debit card PIN, making it as safe as any debit transaction and the debit card network of the receiver of the funds.

Start using American Federal Send Money today for all your payment needs. If you have questions about person-to-person payments or how they work, contact your local American Federal Banker.



  1. The time of funds received depends on when the recipient responds to his or her email or text, and when his or her financial institution posts the transfer. Posting is dependent upon the business days of the recipient’s financial institution. If a recipient uses a bank where delivery cannot be made within minutes, it may take several business days for your payment to be delivered.
  2. The recipient of a payment has 10 days to collect the sender’s funds by accepting the transaction, or the transfer will be cancelled and the funds returned to the sender’s account.  Sender receives an email message, if funds are not picked up by the receiver.
  • Payments occur in real time via the debit card network.  Not all debit card networks participate.  Payments not able to be sent via the debit card network are sent ACH which could delay the delivery of money by several days.
  • Send Money transactions are not recoverable.
  • A customer must have an available balance in a qualifying American Federal account to use Send Money.
  • Debit card daily dollar limit applies.
  • Mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.

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