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Safe Deposit Boxes

Man looking inside safety deposit box

If it’s important, you want to protect it. Safe Deposit Boxes at American Federal provide you with peace of mind that your important documents, collectibles and other valuables are secure.

Such items might include:

  • Original insurance policies, deeds, titles, mortgages, leases and contracts
  • Stocks, bonds and CDs
  • Family records such as birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Jewelry, rare stamps, coins and collectibles
  • Negatives and disks for irreplaceable photos
  • Videos and photos of your home for insurance purposes

Convenient, Private and Secure

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your items are secure and conveniently located at your American Federal Bank to access when needed. Contact American Federal for more details about a Safe Deposit Box.

Safe Deposit Boxes are available at most American Federal locations. Various sizes are available for rent.

In Minnesota

East Grand Forks
Fergus Falls

In North Dakota

Fargo Downtown
Fargo South
Grand Forks

This information offers general advice and is not intended to be legal or tax advice. Consult your attorney, tax accountant or other professional.