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Cash Card Check Card

This multi-use card, often called a debit card, from American Federal offers ultimate convenience for your purchases. Safe, secure and easy to use in place of writing checks or carrying cash. Your purchases are electronically debited to your checking account. Use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

There is no annual charge for a Cash Card Check Card.

Easy and Convenient to Manage

  • Saves time when making purchases
  • Provides 27/7 access to your checking account
  • Accepted worldwide by merchants and ATMs anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted, including restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, grocery stores
  • Works like a credit card for online and phone purchases
  • Detailed descriptions of each transaction appear on your monthly statement
  • No fee when you use your card at American Federal ATMs or a Wells Fargo Instant Cash Card machine at a Wells Fargo location
  • Comes with Zero Liability fraud protection at no extra cost if unauthorized transactions occur if your card is lost or stolen and you report them promptly.
  • Receive a text message on your mobile device when fraudulent activity is suspected on your account
  • Change your PIN by phone at 866-985-2273

Contact your American Federal Banker today for this convenient solution.

Fraud Alerts

American Federal Cash Card Check Card customers receive text messages on their mobile devices when fraudulent activity is suspected on their account.

Here’s how it works:

  • If a suspicious transaction occurs on your debit card’s account, you receive a text message from the number 37-268.
  • The text will say “American Federal Bank Fraud Alert: Did you attempt a transaction on debit card ending in 1234 at Bill’s Restaurant in NY for $123.45? Reply YES or NO.” (Card number, merchant, state and amount are made up for this example and will be specific to the suspicious transaction on your card in an actual alert.)
  • If you reply YES, you will receive a message thanking you for responding and no action will be taken.
  • If you reply NO, you will receive the response “American Federal Bank: You’ve indicated an unauthorized transaction. A temporary hold may have been placed on your card. Please call immediately 800-770-6605.”

If there is no response to a fraud text message, you will receive a phone call about the suspicious transaction. This call will always come from the Fraud Detection Center phone number 877-253-8964. We recommend that you put this number as a contact in your phone as American Federal – Fraud Detection so that you recognize it should you receive a call.

If we do not have your mobile number on file, you will receive a phone call. Please contact your local American Federal Sales Office, if you would like to provide the bank with your mobile number or if you have any questions about the mobile alert feature.

Nationwide Network of Surcharge-Free ATMs

American Federal is a member of the MoneyPass® ATM Network. Use your American Federal Cash Card Check Card or ATM card surcharge-free at 24,000 MoneyPass® locations across the United States, including many large retail locations, convenience stories and ATMs owned by other financial institutions. Just look for the MoneyPass® blue and green logo and use your card. It’s that easy.

Travel or go where business takes you. Withdraw cash surcharge-free at any MoneyPass® ATM coast to coast. Make deposits at MoneyPass® ATMs that accept deposits.

Don’t have an American Federal Cash Card Check Card? Contact your local American Federal Banker to apply for one today and start saving time and money at thousands of ATMs nationwide.

Find a Surcharge-Free MoneyPass® ATM Near You

Download a Free MoneyPass® App

To find the nearest surcharge-free MoneyPass® locations, visit the ATM Locator at or download the free, easy-to-use ATM Locator app for Android or Apple mobile devices and tablets.  Download an up-to-date MoneyPass® app by going to the apps page on the MoneyPass® website.

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