MoneyPassThere is a new MoneyPass® ATM Locator app. The look and feel of the app is updated and the functionality of the app is enhanced, offering you more search options and a better user experience.

American Federal Bank offers surcharge-free ATM access through the MoneyPass® Network. The MoneyPass Network has more than 24,000 ATMs nationwide for your use…absolutely free! Look for the MoneyPass® blue and green logo and you can use your American Federal Cash Card Check Card. It’s that easy!

Whether you are at home or traveling, you can conveniently find a surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATM with the online MoneyPass® ATM Locator and the new MoneyPass® apps for Apple and Android phones.

Install new MoneyPass® App

If you already have the MoneyPass® app on your mobile device, you will need to uninstall it and then install the new app. Go to the new MoneyPass website at to download the new app to take advantage of the new features and see the enhancements to the website yourself.

Update your MoneyPass® Bookmark

If you have the MoneyPass® website bookmarked to easily find surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATMs, please visit the MoneyPass® Network to update your bookmarks to make sure you are always taken quickly to the page you want. Go to the MoneyPass® website at to update your bookmarks. As part of the MoneyPass® website redesign, the URL has changed. The website is now more secure.

If you have questions about the MoneyPass® Network, please contact your local American Federal Banker.