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Debit Card Fraud Monitoring Is Upgraded

  • Cash CardProtecting customers’ information and their accounts is one of American Federal Bank’s top priorities.
  • American Federal has upgraded its existing debit card fraud monitoring service.

Customers may receive a call from the Transaction Review Department on behalf of American Federal, if suspicious debit card transactions occur on their American Federal debit card.

  • The Transaction Review Department will call customers at the phone numbers they have provided to American Federal. The Transaction Review Department will ask customers to verify recent debit card transactions.
  • The Transaction Review Department will never ask a customer to provide a debit card number, PIN, or Social Security number on the telephone or in an email or text message.
  • The Transaction Review Department will leave a message, if the customer is unavailable. Customers will be asked to return a call to the Transaction Review Department using the toll free number specified in the message.
    • If a customer was unavailable and later returns a call to the Transaction Review Department at the number left in the message, the customer will be asked to verify first name, last name and phone number. No other personal information will be requested.
  • If fraudulent activity is confirmed, the customer’s debit card will be blocked. Customers may obtain a new debit card by contacting their local American Federal Banker.
  • No additional action is necessary, if the transactions are not fraudulent and the customer is aware of the debit card activity.

Online and Mobile Banking are convenient ways to monitor account activity 24/7.

Always contact your local American Federal Banker, if you change your address or phone number.

When travelling, it is best to have at least two methods of payment. An American Federal Bank VISA® credit card is convenient and widely accepted. Contact your local American Federal Banker to discuss the benefits of an American Federal VISA® credit card.

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