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Community Service Extends to Guatemala

American Federal Ag and Business Banker Paige Craigmile joined a team of professionals from the Midwest on a Rotary International-led service project to build a new school in Zacualpa, Quiche, Guatemala.

Wahpeton-Breckenridge Rotary also donated a large amount of school supplies.

“The old school was like a steel shed,” Paige said. “The students couldn’t go to school in the afternoon because it was so hot in their current building.”

The new school was constructed with cinder blocks. A construction team consisting of local community members was on site.  The Rotarians’ role was to help, for example, tying rebar towers for concrete to be poured into.

“We were able to meet the school children, and interact with them during a fruit break each morning, when the children would bring the workers cut up fresh fruit,” Paige said. “We got to go into the old school and give the students the supplies.  The kids were so excited.  In comparison to schools in the United States, they hardly have anything at school.  Even though we could not communicate with them in their language, we spent time with them and they liked that.”

Focus on Education

Rotary does lots of local projects to help at home. “Having projects in the local community are important,” Paige said. “Donating time, along with the money, to help in other countries can go a long way.  It also gives a different view on the world and promotes goodwill and understanding.”

Supporting education is also important in her role as an Ag and Business Banker. Paige is committed to fostering the connection between consumers and agricultural producers through education. In turn, she provides her agricultural clients with information to help them reach financial goals for their multi-faceted businesses.

Paige’s leadership roles in agricultural organizations help her uniquely understand the technical and operational sides of agriculture. She uses that acumen to assist producers and agri-business clients to plan for their financial future.

Paige appreciates the sense of community and connection to agriculture that she experiences throughout the Red River Valley. She uses her multi-dimensional experience to help clients make prime choices in planning for their financial future.


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