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Interview Tips

Mark Eifert

A good interview begins with preparation.

Do your Homework

Find out more about the organization, the position and the employees to help you understand if the position is a good fit for you and if you have the experience to be competitive. Your homework will also help you learn what questions you will want to ask the interviewer.

Prepare an Introduction

Prepare a few remarks about you that you can share with your interviewer. Make your introduction specific to your work and life experience. List two or three reasons that make you ideal for the position, remembering to align your experience with the position.

Talk from Experience

Avoid hypothetical answers to questions. Instead, speak from experience by answering questions with examples from current or previous work. Explain the task or situation you faced and then explain the action you took and what the outcome or result was.

Be your own Agent

Only you can best represent you to the interviewer. If the interviewer’s questions do not cover the items you want to discuss, take a moment during the interview to ask if you may share additional items that make you ideal for the position.

Prepare Questions

Create a few questions to ask during the interview. The questions might clarify questions you have about the position, the organization or the supervisor. Be sure you understand the roles and responsibilities of the position, the work schedule and location, and what a typical week, month or quarter might look like.

Make a Good Impression

  • Arrive on time.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Be engaged.
  • Appearance is important. Clothing should be appropriate for a professional, business environment.
  • Don’t smoke or chew gum, candy or tobacco.
  • Remember to thank your interviewer and ask about decision timing.