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Risk Management

Ace Sales Star Heinzen standing in front of the old Fargo train depot

Business is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Risks associated with increasing costs, availability of labor, global competition, government regulations and the unforeseen can impact profits.

Risk management focuses on risks to business ownership, operations, systems and processes. Identifying, prioritizing and addressing risks can help your business minimize the unforeseen and keep your business on course.

We can help you understand the risks specific to your business, generate ideas, exchange information, offer best practices and make recommendations to prevent or minimize the impact on your operation.

Risk management is recognizing and insuring against natural disasters, like floods, business interruption, technology failure, and accidents, theft, fraud or human error in the workplace. But risk management also includes risks associated with the industry of your business and the way you do business and how decisions are made.

Financial risk can involve the choice of a supplier or distributor, relationships or reliance on clients or vendors, and the ownership and management structure of your business. We can help you consider the risks specific to your business and your industry through the sharing of expertise and help you plan in the event of an emergency or unexpected challenge.

Risk management advice from your local American Federal Banker can help you anticipate problems and challenges and organize the allocation of resources and capital.

This information offers general advice and is not intended to be marketing, legal or tax advice. Consult your attorney, tax accountant or other professional.