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American Federal Salutes Farmers at Harvest Time

Dawn to dusk, farmers in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota work hard this time of year to bring in the harvest that feeds the world.

American Federal Bank salutes the region’s farmers and ranchers for their energy and efforts in producing high quality food for domestic consumption and markets across the globe.

American Federal Ag and Business Bankers are right there with their farm clients — from helping with harvest, to picking up parts in town, stacking hay, mending a fence or judging a 4-H project. They care about their clients and show it beyond the office.

Senior Credit Officer Gary Hoots has helped haul sugar beets for North Dakota and Minnesota farmers every fall for 20 years. He values what’s important — our clients and their success.

American Federal Bankers Understand Agriculture

It can be a challenge for farmers to find truck drivers and helping hands for the busy harvest rush.  The farming background of American Federal’s Ag and Business Bankers makes them well-suited to step in, help out, and understand the importance of the season for their clients.

The long-term, personal relationships our Bankers have with their clients are built on collaboration and trust.   Many of our client relationships go back three and four generations.

American Federal Ag and Business Bankers understand the business of farming and the goals of their clients. Their knowledge and experience make them well-equipped to provide advice and solutions to help their clients reach their goals.

Agriculture is a leading business in North Dakota and Minnesota, and our Ag and Business Bankers work with their clients to be a vital part of this industry. Some facts are:

  • Minnesota Ag Industry total receipts rank $17 billion, and in North Dakota more than $8 billion. (USDA Economic Research Service)
  • North Dakota ranks #1 in production of dry edible beans, sunflowers, durum, hard red spring wheat and barley, and Minnesota ranks #1 in sugar beet and sweet corn production. (USDA Economic Research Service)

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