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Business Online Bill Pay

Business customers with an American Federal checking account who are enrolled in Online Financial Manager, our Business Online Banking solution, can also take advantage of the convenience and safety of Business Online Bill Pay. Conveniently manage your business finances at anytime from anywhere with this safe and secure method.

Business Online Bill Pay allows you to:

  • Manage your business bill payment process automatically
  • Identify an Administrator and multiple users based on your organization’s structure
  • Delegate and set permissions to define by user who can pay bills, which bills the user can pay and the maximum bill payment amount
  • Set up final approvals so you can authorize bill payments before they are made
  • View user activity and track spending and payment history with instant reporting
  • Organize payees inside categories to manage finances and for tax-reporting purposes
  • View the total dollar amount of pending payments by day as well as projected payments for the month
  • View organized bill payment records and 18 months of payment history

With Business Online Bill Pay, you can:

  • Make payroll deposits and expense reimbursements
  • Pay hourly and salaried employees and independent contracts electronically
  • Split employees’ net pay to multiple accounts
  • Save time and money with direct deposit

This business banking solution can help you:

  • Schedule the dates to pay bills, as well as set up recurring bill payments
  • Cancel or change a payment
  • Search payees any time to see when a payment was made
  • Set daily dollar amount and payee thresholds to avoid overdrafts or overpayments
  • Set reminders and receive notifications on bill pay activity
  • Pay an American Federal loan without writing or mailing a check

Benefits of Business Online Bill Pay include:

  • Save time with fewer checks to write, record and mail
  • Eliminate the worry of late fees from overdue or missed payments
  • Establish a variety of security settings for an extra layer of security
  • Include an automatic logout when a session is inactive for more than 15 minutes

View our online demo at and sign up today.