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Risk Management

Agriculture is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Risks associated with increasing costs, uncertainty in prices and yields, global competition, climate, disease, changing government subsidies, and the unforeseen can impact profits. American Federal Ag and Business Bankers generate ideas and promote best practices to help their clients manage risk through the exchange of information and the sharing of their expertise.

Risk management plays an important role in farm business decisions. Farmers can face multiple and simultaneous risks, even catastrophic events, like flooding and drought, which can cause significant uncertainties and the possibility of substantial loss.

Our Ag and Business Bankers help their clients with a comprehensive approach to contingency planning that incorporates operating risks associated with crop prices, input costs and yields, financial risk related to the way producers finance their operations, whether through debt or owner equity, and sound operating practices.

To enhance your success, our advisory approach will help you set clear goals, identify the resources and skills to implement and monitor a risk management plan, and offer solutions to help you control and prioritize risks associated with farm performance.

Our Ag and Business Bankers are like a CFO at the table for our clients helping them balance risk and reward. As trusted advisors, we build personal relationships with our farm clients, provide financial expertise, and bring years of experience and business know-how to the table.

This information offers general advice and is not intended to be marketing, legal or tax advice. Consult your attorney, tax accountant or other professional.