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Farm Land Purchase

tractors in wheat fields

Expanding your farm operation with the purchase of land can help you reach your goal, if you are looking to

  • Control an asset through ownership
  • Increase your crop rotation options
  • Introduce a family member into the operation
  • Grow your business

Long-term loans can offer a stable source of financing for farm land or facility purchases. Farm real estate loans can help make improvements to your land and agricultural structures. It can help to replenish or increase working capital. A variety of loan terms are available and can be amortized over the term of the loan. Payments are managed by matching flexible terms to debt repayment capacity.

Our dedicated team understands agriculture and the business of farming.

We know land and its production history. We provide advice on real estate financing options and government programs. We make decisions locally.

Construction loans can be customized to meet your goals and can provide financing for your farm office or shop, machine shed, livestock or crop-handling facility and other farm structures. We are here to help you find the best solution for your farm operation.

This information offers general advice and is not intended to be marketing, legal or tax advice. Consult your attorney, tax accountant or other professional.