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Client Testimonials

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Hear our clients’ full stories on YouTube

Perhaps no one can tell you about American Federal better than our clients.


“My Ag Banker knows my operations as well as I do.”


“If something ever happens to me.  I’ve told my family to work with my American Federal Banker because he knows more about my farming business than anyone.”


“Our American Federal Banker really knows how to get things done.”


“I trust the advice I get from my American Federal Banker.”


“I really appreciate the analysis you do of my farming operation. This is above and beyond what other banks provide.”


 “My Banker makes the decisions. He’s well respected in town and in the farming community.”



“Best business decision I ever made is moving to American Federal.”


“I don’t make a major decision without asking my American Federal Banker what he thinks. He’s straightforward, understands me and my business and what’s important to us. I couldn’t put a price on what he brings to the table.”


“At my former bank, they did not understand my business like you do.”


“My Banker suggests things I haven’t thought about that make my business better.”


“Associates are on top of everything and will help me with anything. You don’t have to worry when your Banker is out. They can just take care of it all.”



“It’s a professional organization, very successful and financially strong. They love what they do. You can see it.”


“Thanks to my American Federal Banker when my brother died, I was able to keep our business. She worked with him way before he was sick to structure and protect our business should something happen to one of us.”


“One Banker takes care of everything I need–my banking, my insurance, my investments and all at one place.”


“I feel like they care about me, my business, even my family. It’s a great relationship.”


“You helped me buy my first home after the war. It’s been a good relationship every since. You got me ready for retirement, even helped me get my kids through college, get into homes and start a business.”


“I’m so happy with American Federal and the wonderful staff that as long as you want me, I wouldn’t even consider another bank.”


“They get it.”