We’re Helping more than 650 Small Businesses with PPP Loans

As we adjust to staying home, working remotely and physical distancing, we’re help to help you.

Our Online Banking and Mobile Banking app are available as a convenient way to check your accounts, pay bills, deposit checks and send and receive money electronically.

Universal Contactless Card SymbolYou can use your phone’s Mobile Wallet to pay for services where you see the contactless symbol, shown at the left. No need to handle cash and in many cases, touch the point-of-sale terminal.

To keep your account information safe and secure, make sure you frequently review your account eStatement and set up account alerts.

Keep in mind, if we need to reach you, we will not ask for personal or financial information through email, text or unsolicited calls.

Be on the lookout for Coronavirus (COVID-19)scams and go to the IRS website to learn how the Economic Impact Payments, sometimes called Stimulus Checks, are being deposited or mailed to eligible U.S. citizens and how non-tax filers can get their payment by using the IRS ”Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” web portal and entering their bank account information.

As these unexpected times continue to unfold, we are committed to providing you with the service, support and solutions to help you be successful. We are here for you today, as we have been since 1891, and will continue to help you with your banking.

Paycheck Protection Program: Helping Small Businesses

During the first and second rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), American Federal submitted applications for more than 650 small businesses, totaling $45.3 million in loan assistance, and received funding from the Small Business Association (SBA) for 100 percent of the applicants.

Thousands of employees in the Red River Valley and Lakes Country in American Federal’s footprint have been helped through the program.

In northwest Minnesota, C and M Ford Sales, Hallock, MN, and Roseau County Ford, Roseau, MN employ 42 people. Owner Paul Blomquist turned to American Federal for assistance with the PPP. Jay Friedt, Ag and Business Banking Specialist at American Federal in Hallock, processed the small business application accurately and timely, Blomquist said.

“The experience was very professional and decisive,” Blomquist continued. “Jay kept it simple for me.”

“On Sunday morning, Jay said he was willing to help me with my PPP application,” Blomquist explained. “On Sunday night, I had a loan agreement number in hand for both car dealerships.  That’s going the extra mile. These funds will help me keep my staff employed during these very challenging times.”

American Federal will continue to assist small business clients in the event Congress provides additional SBA funding for small businesses through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

We encourage you to help support your local businesses in any way you can. We are all in this together.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Online Banking Slows as Customers Check for Stimulus Payments

Customers may experience some temporary periods when Online Banking access may slow.  Our Online Banking site is experiencing unusually high traffic as customers check their accounts for their Economic Impact Payments, sometimes referred to as Stimulus Payments or Stimulus Checks.

If you experience a delay in your web page response, wait a few moments and try again.

We apologize for this temporary situation.  Contact your American Federal Banker, if you need immediate assistance.





Information about your Economic Impact Payment (aka Stimulus Check)

Americans are starting to see Economic Impact Payments deposited directly in their bank accounts. These payments are sometimes referred to as stimulus payments or stimulus checks.

Americans who filed 2018 or 2019 tax returns with direct deposit information or who receive Social Security do not need to take action. They will automatically receive payment in their bank accounts.

If you are enrolled in American Federal Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you can check for your Economic Impact Payment anytime anywhere using any device.

‘Get My Payment’ Web App

The IRS has launched a separate online application called “Get My Payment.” This free app, which can also be found at IRS.gov, allows taxpayers, who filed their tax return in 2018 or 2019, but did not provide their banking information on their return, to submit direct deposit information so they can receive payments by direct deposit, as opposed to getting mailed a check.

“Get My Payment” is an online app that will display on any desktop, phone or tablet. It does not need to be downloaded from an app store. “Get My Payment” will also allow taxpayers to track the status of their payment.

“Get My Payment” cannot update bank account information after an Economic Impact Payment has been scheduled for delivery. To help protect against potential fraud, the tool also does not allow people to change bank account information already on file with the IRS.

The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information.


Non-filers can get their payment by using the IRS ”Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here” web portal and entering their bank account information.

Also, eligible Social Security beneficiaries and railroad retirement recipients who did not file a tax return in 2018 and 2019 will be automatically sent their economic impact payments, primarily electronically.

Regardless of how you receive your payment, the IRS will send you a mailed letter to the most current address they have on file approximately 15 days after it sends your payment.

Retiree Payments

The IRS also reminds retirees who do not normally have a requirement to file a tax return that no action on their part is needed to receive their economic impact payment.

Seniors should be especially careful during this period. The IRS reminds retirees – including recipients of Forms SSA-1099 and RRB-1099 − that no one from the IRS will be reaching out to them by phone, email, mail or in person asking for any kind of information to complete their economic impact payment.

The IRS is sending these Economic Impact Payments automatically to retirees – no additional action or information is needed on a retiree’s part to receive the funds.

The IRS reminds retirees that scammers may: 

  • Use the words “Stimulus Check” or “Stimulus Payment.” The official term is “Economic Impact Payment.”
  • Ask the taxpayer to sign over their economic impact payment check to them.
  • Ask by phone, email, text or social media for verification of personal and/or banking information, saying that the information is needed to receive or speed up their economic impact payment.
  • Suggest that they can get an economic impact payment faster by working on the taxpayer’s behalf. This scam could be conducted by social media or even in person.
  • Mail the taxpayer a bogus check, perhaps in an odd amount, then tell the taxpayer to call a number or verify information online in order to cash it. 

Be on the Lookout for Scams

Taxpayers are urged to be on the lookout for a surge of calls from scammers and email phishing attempts about the Economic Impact Payments and the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These contacts can lead to tax-related fraud and identity theft.

The IRS will not call taxpayers asking to verify or provide financial information so they can receive an economic impact payment.

This also applies to surprise emails that appear to be coming from the IRS. Remember, never open an email or click on attachments or links you cannot independently verify.

Taxpayers should watch not only for emails but text messages, websites and social media attempts that request money or personal information.

Reporting Coronavirus-Related or Phishing Attempts

Those who receive unsolicited emails, text messages or social media attempts to gather information that appear to be from either the IRS or an organization closely linked to the IRS, such as the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), should forward it to [email protected].

Taxpayers are encouraged not to engage potential scammers online or on the phone. Learn more about reporting suspected scams by going to the Report Phishing and Online Scams page on IRS.gov.

Those who receive unsolicited emails, text messages or social media attempts to gather information that appear to be from either the IRS or an organization closely linked to the IRS, such as the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), should forward it to [email protected].

For more information about the Economic Impact Payments and for updates on the launch of the “Get My Payment” app, visit IRS.gov visit and Treasury.gov/CARES.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau also has published a Frequently Asked Questions guide on the stimulus Economic Impact Payments.


We’re Helping Clients During the Coronavirus Outbreak



To our Clients,

We are here to help you during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have taken steps to protect the safety and well-being of our customers and our employees and to continue to provide essential banking services.


How we are helping customers during these challenging times.

Small Business Owners

We recognize many small business owners have been hit hard by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Small Business Administration (SBA) assistance loans are designed to help businesses cover expenses with low-interest federal loans. Eligible businesses can get help covering payroll and overhead expenses incurred between February 15 to June 30 through the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program.

Contact your American Federal Banker to learn about these programs that may be of help to you.

Loan Payment Assistance

If COVID-19 has impacted your ability to pay your mortgage and other loan payments, we are here to help. We are offering assistance options that may help you. Call your American Federal Banker to learn more.

Bank from Home

Online/Mobile Banking

Check your balances and transactions, transfer or send money, set up alerts and more 24/7 online at americanfederalbank.com or use the American Federal mobile app.

Telephone Banker

Make a quick call to check an account balance or verify a transaction. Call Telephone Banker toll free at 888-805-7828 to access account information 24/7 from anywhere in the United States or Canada. In the Fargo-Moorhead area, customers dial 297-4800.

Online Bill Pay

Pay American Federal accounts and other bills online instead of writing checks.


No waiting for your account statement to arrive in the mail. Access and download your account information anytime, anywhere with any device using eStatement.

Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit checks as soon as you receive them without a trip to the bank. Simply take a photo of the front and back of an endorsed check using the camera on your smartphone or tablet to deposit checks 24/7 to an eligible account.

Save Time and Money

Cash Card Check Card

With “instant issue,” you can get a debit card fast.  No need to carry checkblanks or cash. Get immediate access to funds in a qualifying deposit account with an American Federal debit card.

Platinum VISA Credit Card

We’re offering a 0% introductory APR* on purchases and balance transfers for 20 billing cycles. After that, a variable rate is applied.

Cardmembers, who may experience difficulties due to COVID-19, may be eligible for concessions, including fee waivers to prevent assessment of late fees and over limit fees, requests for statement copies and rush card requests. Contact your American Federal Banker for more information.

Special Provisions

To alleviate potential stress on households and provide liquidity during these times of uncertainly, American Federal is temporarily:

  • allowing an exception which limited the number of transfers or withdrawals between savings and transaction accounts. For money market or savings accounts, American Federal customers may now make unlimited transfers from their money market/savings accounts to their checking accounts when they use Online or Mobile Banking or Telephone Banker. No fees will be incurred, if a customer exceeds the normal six transactions per month limit.
  • waiving the early withdrawal penalties on IRA certificate of deposits. In certain COVID-19-related instances, the withdrawal also may be exempt from the 10 percent federal penalty for early withdrawals by customers younger than 59 1/2. Customers should discuss their eligibility for the federal penalty waiver with their tax consultant.

Drive-Ups, Night Depositories and ATMs Open for Clients

To help protect the health and safety of our customers and employees, we have temporarily closed our lobbies. We are encouraging customers to use our drive-ups instead.

At our drive-ups, employees are wearing personal protective equipment, disinfecting surfaces and common objects and practicing physical distancing. Call ahead for an appointment, if you have an emergency and must meet with a Banker.


In Minnesota

  • Ada, M-F, 8:30 am – 5 pm
  • Crookston, M-F, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm; Sat, 8:30 am – Noon
  • East Grand Forks, M-F, 8 am – 6 pm; Sat, 8:30 am – Noon
  • Fergus Falls, M-F, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm; Sat, 9 am – Noon
  • Fosston, M-F, 8 am – 5 pm; Sat, 8:30 am – Noon
  • Hallock, M-F, 8:30 am – 5 pm
  • Moorhead, M-F, 7:30 am – 6 pm; Sat, 9 am – 1 pm
  • Warren, M-F, 8 am – 4 pm

In North Dakota

  • Fargo South, M-F, 7:30 am – 6 pm
  • Grand Forks, M-F, 8 am – 5:30 pm
  • Wahpeton, M-F, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm; Sat, 9 am – Noon

Night Depositories

In Minnesota

  • Ada, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Fergus Falls, Fosston, Hallock, Moorhead and Warren

In North Dakota

  • Fargo Downtown, Fargo South, Grand Forks, Northwood and Wahpeton


In Minnesota

  • Crookston, Ampride Convenience Mart, 1020 Highway 75 South
  • East Grand Forks, American Federal Bank, 140 Gateway Drive NE
  • Fergus Falls, 117 South Mills Street (west entrance to bank)
  • Fosston, 209 Johnson Avenue North
  • Hallock, 157 South Second Street

In North Dakota

  • Fargo South, 1301 30th Avenue South (off South University Drive)
  • Grand Forks, 2551 South Columbia Road

You can get cash surcharge-free from your American Federal deposit account at any MoneyPass® ATM nationwide.

Why your Money is Safe at American Federal Bank

The safest place for your money is in a federally insured bank, like American Federal Bank. Your money is safe, secure and insured.

Bank deposit accounts at American Federal are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) which insures your deposits. FDIC deposit insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. Deposit accounts offer flexibility and easy access to your money.

COVID-19 Stimulus Bills – Some Key Takeaways

Congress has passed bills aimed at mitigating the economic impact of COVID-19 and putting money into the economy.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Emergency Stimulus (CARES) Act offers relief for retirees. For individuals, it makes retirement funds available for emergency spending needs and delays mandatory distributions.

  • Required minimum distributions (RMDs) for some retirement accounts for 2020 have been waived, including 401(k) plans as well as traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs and SMPLE IRAs.
  • Certain beneficiaries taking distributions from inherited IRAs may also skip the 2020 distribution when calculating their five-year distribution period.
  • The 10 percent early withdrawal penalty will be waived on aggregate distributions in 2020 of up to $100,000 for certain workplace retirement plans and IRAs for COVID-19-related purposes. The individual can elect to pay the federal income tax on the distribution over three years or has the option to replay the distribution within a three-year period to an eligible retirement plan.
  • Loan repayments for affected participants in workplace retirement plans may be delayed for one year. The changes will be in effect through 2020.
  • For health savings accounts, health flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements, the CARES Act includes over-the-counter medicines and famine products as qualifying medical expenses that can be reimbursement by these accounts.
  • The Act allows for a $300 above-the-line deduction for cash charitable contributions made to charitable organizations for taxpayers who take the standard deduction.
  • The limit on charitable contributions for itemizers is relaxed, increasing the amount that can be deduction from 60 percent of adjusted gross income to 100 percent of gross income.

Both provisions exclude enhanced deductions for contributions to organizations known as sponsoring organizations or donor advised funds.

Look Out for Scams

Cybercriminals may try to take advantage of uncertainly or fear surrounding COVID-19 by offering fake products and medical advice, creating fake charities or enticing you to click a fraudulent link or attachment in an email or text to gain access to your device and personal information. Be cautious, if something looks suspicious.

Contact Us for Assistance – We’re Here to Help

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please contact your American Federal Banker or an American Federal Sales Office location in Fargo, Grand Forks, Wahpeton or Northwood in North Dakota or Moorhead, East Grand Forks, Fergus Falls, Crookston, Fosston, Hallock, Ada or Warren in Minnesota.


  • Eligibility requirements and restrictions may apply. Please contact your American Federal Banker.
  • Credit products are subject to normal credit approval and program guidelines. Some restrictions and fees may apply. SBA loans are subject to SBA eligibility guidelines
  • American Federal does not provide tax advice.

* The 0% introductory APR applies to Purchases and is valid for the first 20 billing cycles. The 0% introductory APR applies to Balance Transfers made within 620 days of account opening and is valid for the first 20 billing cycles. The introductory rate does not apply to Cash Advances. Thereafter, the APR may vary and as of 1/31/2020, the undiscounted variable APR for Purchases and Balance Transfers is 13.99%-23.99% (based on a cardmember’s creditworthiness). The variable APR for Cash Advances is 25.49%. Cash Advance fee: 4% of each advance amount, $10 minimum. Convenience Check fee: 3% of each check amount, $5 minimum. Cash Equivalent fee: 4% of each cash amount, $20 minimum. Balance Transfer fee: 3% of each transfer amount, $5 minimum. There is a $2 minimum interest charge where interest is due. The annual fee is $0. Foreign Transaction fee: 2% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in U.S. Dollars. 3% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in a Foreign Currency. We apply your minimum payment to balances with lower APRs first, including promotional APRs. Amounts paid over the minimum payment will be applied in the order of highest to lowest APR balances. We may change APRs, fees and other Account terms in the future based on your experience with Elan Financial Services and its affiliates as provided under the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law. This offer is valid only for new Visa Platinum consumer card accounts with American Federal Bank and the application must be submitted by August 31, 2020.